Located in the beautiful San Joaquin Valley of California we are a small, family-run operation raising happy & healthy animals. Our family started out as city folks with a horse boarded nearby and a couple of rabbits. We moved to San Joaquin county on July 4th of 1999 and as the kids got involved in various youth activities, the animal population grew. A horse here, a pygmy goat there and before we knew it we were raising and showing Registered Southdown Sheep, Registered Dairy Goats and Registered Duroc Hogs.

They say that the only thing that is constant is change…and the last couple of years have been full of change. Not all of it good, but I feel it’s important to focus on the positive. What started with a project for the kids has turned into something the family can do together. Each person involved has, in their turn, put their influence into the herd. Jeff started it all with Recorded Grades, and our new herd name, Grade Pride, reflects that. Alpines were his chosen breed to work with and we limited the herd to that for quite a few years. When Emily came on board she added Toggenburgs. We have always been fortunate to have incredible breeders willing to work with us so adding a new breed wasn’t quite the undertaking that it sounds like. When mama transitioned from maternal observer to actually having an active role, we brought in a Sable and have struggled to get a breeding program established. Dad has even gotten his own goat, an unregistered Saanen buck named Vinnie, short for Vindicator. Edennvale is the herd name that represents Mom’s own personal journey with Sables and Nigerian Dwarves and am truly excited to see what the future holds!

We raise the best dairy goats we can, the best way we can. Not so that we can achieve national accolades, which we have, not for the money they bring in, because they don’t but simply because we enjoy them. After all, if it isn’t fun, why on God’s green earth are you doing it???

Should you need any further information about our livestock, please feel free to contact us. Texting or email is always the best way to get in touch.

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Edenn Ranch – Erin & Emily Healy

Edennvale & Grade Pride, tiny herds within Edenn Ranch

Banta, California


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