Alpine Dairy Goats

We certainly do love our Dairy Goats but the project started out as just some fun to have on the side. We were mainly focused on showing breeding sheep. But then, our youngest daughter, at age 2, got to milk a goat at the California State Fair. It was a La Mancha doe and from that point on, if you asked what kind of goat my daughter wanted, she would tell you, “A Ma Mancha!”. Her older brother had other ideas, however, and purchased a recorded grade Alpine-Saanen cross doe kid in the summer of 2002. Aloha was a sweet, young doe that gave us several generations of nice recorded grades which we eventually bred up to American Alpines. We have expanded the herd with the best does we could find and by upgrading our bucks as well. Having participated in several ADGA National Shows, our vision has grown and changed. Hopefully for the better!

"R.I.P. Babydoll...2010"




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