Recorded Grades

Our very first dairy goat was a sweet little recorded grade. She was sired by an Alpine buck and out of an unregistered Saanen doe named Hula. We bred her to Alpine bucks to get American Alpines.

While we were showing registered breeding sheep, when it came time for the champion drive, the overall championship nearly always went to the wether dams and wether sires, or the unregistered crossbreds. Some folks said that it wasn’t fair, but I got to thinking. There’s documented proof that crossbred animals do have that “hybrid vigor”, and if you aren’t restricted to any particular breed, perhaps you could make further strides to improving your stock.

Years ago, a friend purchased a nice doe, a recorded grade. We were excited about her and the breeder jokingly told us, “Have fun with your grade parade.” We looked at each other and exclaimed, “GRADE PRIDE!!!” That’s when the herd name Grade Pride came into being.



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