Southdown Sheep & Lambs

Martha, one of our foundation ewes, was 2nd place yearling ewe at the 2008 California State Fair

Another of our foundation ewes, Loiuse, that we got through the ‘Ewes for Youth’ competition in Louiseville, Kentucky.

    Reserve Champion Ewe     2012 SJC Fair, Stockton, CA



Our family started raising registered Southdown sheep as an FFA project for our oldest son.  We started with breeding stock from a local breeder and added ewes from other breeders that complimented them. When we found out that Jeff was being awarded a bred ewe in the “Ewes for Youth” contest at NAILE, we flew to Louiseville where those ‘downs REALLY opened our eyes!

We’ve enjoyed working with the Southdown breed over the years and plan to keep a few around, we will no longer be raising registered stock for show purposes. 

Enjoying the 2009 California State Fair with friends & family.

“Bud” was one of our first herd sires. Successful in the show ring and the breeding pen.

"Awww, how cute!"

Our foundation ewe, Martha, as she waits to go into showmanship at the California State Fair.

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