Toggenburg Dairy Goats


CH Cactus-Flower Symphony, the foundation of our Toggenburg herd.

Well, those of you that know us, know that we raise Alpines. After years of begging, I have finally succumbed to another breed. The Toggenburg. This doe came knocking and I couldn’t refuse and if you’re going to get a lone Togg, it might as well be one as nice as this doe!  WOW! She had already proven herself as a permanent champion in Southern California and her Linear Appraisal scores spoke for themselves. We will miss Symphony very much. Knowing we were getting an aged doe when we bought her didn’t make her loss any easier. We are lucky to have retained all of her offspring in our herd, her genetics combined with her amazing disposition make that a wise decision. With help from the Cadence Dairy Goat herd, our Toggenburg program is really making progress.



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